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26 rudiments pdf

26 rudiments pdf for download. As we already pointed out. The 13 essential drum rudiments come from the 26 rudiments the N.A.R.D. standardized in 1933. The 13 essential rudiments where written to judge corps and drummers. In order to become a member of the N.A.R.D you had to be able to play the 13 essential drum rudiments.

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26 Rudiments

N.A.R.D. During the American Legion National Convention in the year 1933 there where a couple of prominent drummers who founded the N.A.R.D. The National Association for Rudimental Drummers. Their purpose was not invent de standard rudiments but their intension was to review the earlier invented rudiments which came originally from Switzerland 200 years before 1933, when music notation was not …